Sound Of The Pregeometric Age, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2009

"In her work Katja Strunz employs recycled material combined with newly designed, industrial or handmade elements. Conveying a distinctive modus operandi, Strunz refers to them as "constructed fragments“. In her exhibition "Sound of the Pregeometric Age“, the artist introduced sculptures made form ashtrays, cymbals and hotel reception bells that formally resemble instruments used by experimental musicians, anatomies from fauna and flora, or umbrellas. The sculptures carry the potential of an archeological find and at the same time evoke the sensation of Nachleben as outlined in the writings by Aby Warburg. The absence of an orchestra, wich could be charged responsible for playing the piece, lends thes sculptures an almost robotic quality thus creating a dichotomy between the archaic and the futuristic." (The Imminence of Poetics, Sao Paolo Biennale Hg., 2012, p. 206)

"The exhibition revolves around the asynchronicity of human and planetary time. Cosmic history sounds into our present day - while I feel trapped in my own system, perception and everyday lifetime. " K. Strunz

 Sound of the Pregeometric Age, 2009, 6 channel- sound system, digital prints on paper, various metals, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2009