Im Geviert, Saarlandmuseum Saarbrücken, Saarbrücken, 2010
"Through fragmentariness, folds, bends, and breaks, Katja Strunz negates any forward-looking utopia that, quite to the contrary, was aspired to by her formal precursors at the beginning of the 20th century. The temporal dimension plays a central role in the work of Katja Strunz. If, on the one hand, the fragmentary character of her works refers to a past whole, the foldings themselves presuppose previous processes and moments of folding. The formal-aesthetic caesura in space is joined by ruptures in the course of time." (Dr. A. Oetker, Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesit Hg., Ich Sehe Was, Was Du Nicht Siehst, p.186)

 Einfalt der Vier, 2010, painted steel, 431 x 560 x 560 cm     
 Einfalt und Ort, 2010, steel st37, paint, 174,7 x 229,5 x 197 cm     
 Einfall, 2010, steel st37, paint, 573 x 88 x 65,5 cm     
 Im Geviert, 2010, letterpress-print, 27 x 23,3 cm     
 Im Geviert, 2010, letterpress-print, 24,5 x 19,2 cm