Dynamic Fatigue Test, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, 2012
"Central to the exhibition is Strunz’s investigation of the materials the works are made of and the ability of those materials to absorb and resist physical stress. This is evident in the folds and bends imposed on the many clock- faces and sheets of metal Strunz has used to challange notions of linear thinking, progressed by the pressure of time. In the work Dynamic Fatigue Test by pounding against the workpiece (2009- 2012), a chain with a number of metal fragments is drawn around the gallery on a wire. And in Crack Initiation Testing, (2012) four 19th century clocks are fixed within a perspex case, using a pneumatic system, the clocks are shaken, one of them to the point of collapse." (TMI, gallery press release)

 Stagnation,2007, letterpress-print on paper, 27,5 x 22,5cm     
 Tension/Compression, 2012, clock face, 154 x 74 x 26cm     
 Trauma Compression, 2012, tower clock face, 154 x 74 x 26cm     
 Crack Initiating Testing, 2012, clock cases, pneumatic system, perspex box, 182 x 118 x 33cm     
 Bending Moments, 2012, clock face, clock hands, 340 x 155 x 40cm     
 Dynamic Fatigue Test, 2009, metal, steel cable, electric motor, dimensions variable     
 Test System Integrators, 2012, mixed media, 270 x 370 x 50cm